marți, 25 august 2009

Leapsa poetica

Preluata de la Angela.
- Care a fost prima poezie citita?
- Daca as avea o memorie asa de buna, mi-as aminti si ce am facut cu puiul cumparat acum cateva luni. (Pentru cine nu stie, am cumparat un pui de la un magazin alimentar, am urcat cu el in masina, iar acasa nu-l mai aveam. De la magazin pana acasa fac 5 minute. N-am oprit nicaieri, iar in masina n-a ramas. E inca un mister.) Oricum, memoria nu e punctul meu forte.

- Care a fost ultima poezie citita?
- Asta s-a intamplat mai recent, deci am un raspuns: Buzele mamei - Grigore Vieru.

- Care a fost prima poezie scrisa de mine?
- Cu mici exceptii, n-am indragit niciodata poezia, insa am avut o tentativa de a scrie. Am botezat adunatura de versuri "One minute", intrucat e compusa in engleza, limba in care mi-a fost mereu mai usor sa ma exprim.

- Ce am facut cu ea?
- Am postat-o pe blogul yahoo.360 pe care il aveam atunci, pentru a atrage atentia cuiva asupra faptului ca i-am recunoscut "jocul" si intentiile.

One minute
Just pretend...come on, just fake it
You seem to be so good at it
I've been disapointed before
Sure, I thought you would be real
Guess I was wrong
So, come on, take your hit
Enjoy it as you can
I'll give you one more minute
One minute, to see the real you (the one you tryed to hide)
While you're doing your best
I'll sit back, just rest
Coldly watching the mess you're making
The truths you're faking
The world you're shaking
You think you fooled me, huh?
I must admit it took a while
For me to see beyond your smile (that seemed so inocente)
And now you only have one minute
To make a fool of who you think you're fooling still
Don't worry, it won't kill me
I've been there before
I know the taste of it
This pain can be so sweet (I've learned to deal with it)
It's called painfull bliss
Ooh, you've never heard of this?
Take it from me then
The one who saw you as a friend
You see...? There's no one you can be
And nothing really you can do to me
Cause see...? You don't mean that much to me
No more
Therefore, after you perform your last show
Just pack your bags and go


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