sâmbătă, 27 noiembrie 2010


This word speaks sudden emotion, unexpected but highly desired love. Purple equals butterflies in my stomach, childhood obsession for a color, a ball that my father bought me and me lately.
The color seems to haunt me everywhere I go. Last year I went shopping for a dress and the only one I loved at first sight was a purple one. Same year I received a sand glass from brother and you can surely guess the sand’s color.
The next month I had a wedding to attend and I could only find a black skirt that I really liked, no top to match. This is where my best friend came to help and borrowed me a gorgeous sparkling purple top with one shoulder off. I bought Alin a tie to match my blouse and when we got to the wedding, we were surprised to discover that we blend perfectly into the theme. They had everything purple from the curtains to balloons and napkins.
This year Alin got me the sexiest underwear that exists and I purchased some autumn boots, all in the above color. I also have a purple eye pencil and an eye shadow, one bought, one received. Not to mention a few casual blouses, hair clips, a vest jacket and so on.
Thing is, I had my purple obsession in childhood, but lately there has been just one coincidence after another. I didn’t do it on purpose, I think that purple and I, we go way back and seem to have a great chemistry :)

This is for you Kev, I know I haven’t been openly bilingual :)) in a while now, so enjoy reading without using a crapy translator this time :)

And something funny for the weekend:


carpediem spunea...

You know, purple is for royalty and is considered the best color to define it... I do think you are one of the few ones who really deserve purple everywhere in their lives :)


Monica spunea...

:) Comentezi rar, dar si cand o faci... >:D<
Merge link-ul. Multumesc pentru cum m-ai facut sa ma simt :*

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