marți, 14 decembrie 2010


Isn’t this the most amazing emotion ever: to feel and be felt!? In your struggle to find the words and try to explain states of mind you can’t even begin to grasp, there’s someone standing right in front of you with a reassuring smile on his face.
What else in this world could be more stunning and overwhelming than to have someone in your life that gives you back… yourself? Someone that can read your heart beyond your clumsiness for words, someone with whom you find no boundaries.
Well, if you have that certain someone, you know what I’m talking about. And he’s one hundred percent gay, isn’t he?. But god, he’s a blessing!
People can only have pieces of you. You may share your passion for gym to an acquaintance, your morning coffee with colleagues from work, your sense of humor with your brother, your favorite music with people around the world, your soul with your best friend and your life with your boyfriend. And we need all of the above. But how many find everything in one person? How many people get to have, at some point in their lives that one person that is symilar enough to emphatise, but at the same time, different enough to complete them? I think very few. It’s a matter of luck and synchronicity. And I’ve been blissed.

This is how I feel this Christmas:


Liz spunea...

Si eu... desi pana si starea asta mi se pare temporara... Si mai cred ca unele aspecte empatizate maxim, chiar exagerat, acopera putin altele in care nu prea... le anuleaza brusc fara sa ne dam seama si asa formam one hundred procent-ul. Bliss, you deserve to be blissed! :)

Monica spunea...

Totul pe lumea asta e temporar, mai ales viata.
Multumesc pentru gandul frumos :)

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