joi, 24 mai 2012

Everyone dies

I watched the last episode of House MD... After hitting play it suddenly hit ME: that was really the end, the last time I would ever turn to House for insight, wisdom, air, salvation. Every scene, every word spoken was the promise of a final resolution. A solve to a last problem brought out, a final fit in the last puzzle exposed, a last idea debated and squeezed out for the ultimate drop of supreme truth. The more I craved for it, the more I feared it. I guess we all fear the end, in any form.
The episode, brilliantly called "Everyone dies", was beyond anything I am able to express or put into words. But it left me believing in things that I had a hard time accepting and gave me comfort and closure regarding some dark thoughts I was struggling with. I know now that there's always a way... and a reason to keep going.
The final line, that belonged, off course, to House was meant to defy death in the most simple and powerful way possible. It left me shaken to the core, speechless and grasping for air...
So, now what? I found myself asking this question with no answer in reach. The last time I felt like this was a few years ago, after finishing Antoine de Saint Exupery's Citadel.
Luckily I'm not the only one asking herself this. So this is for you, Anuka. Thank you for sharing my thoughts and feelings. Now you can't possibly argue me when I say you're the most beautiful girl in the world :)


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